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Bathing Safety Walk-in Tubs

Benefits & FAQ’s


  • Our bathtubs enable many individuals with mobility handicaps to safely enter and exit the bathtub allowing for a safe bath without the assistance of another person. Our customers are able to remain independent safely and often stay in their own home for years longer.
  • Whether you are shopping for yourself, a loved one or parent, when it’s time to get a walk in bathtub, you need a company you can trust that offers every option and safety,  with the experience to offer you the right tub for your needs.
  • We have many models and options to choose from, all with safety first.
  • Ask about our solid construction, Lifetime Guarantee and Guaranteed Lowest Price.
  • Please, search the web and look at every competitor, every tub… then return here and ask for a price quote.  You will find our lowest price guarantee and professional service unequaled in the Walkin Bathtub industry. We are the company you will choose!
  • I started this business because I knew how important safety and independence is to us all as we age. I started researching walk-in bathtubs and quickly realized that many of the tubs offered are way out of the price range that many seniors could afford. These are the ones that you may see nationally advertised on TV and in magazines and they sometimes have celebrity endorsements. All of this (to get your attention) does not come cheap and someone has to pay for it — you, the customer. That’s why these tubs, while no better than any other,  will cost a lot more.
  • I researched the American made walk-in bathtubs and even personally met with the top two manufacturers in China. I made arrangements to go direct to the manufacturer when placing an order. This method cuts out a lot of unrequired cost, allows us flexibility and saves the potential customer a lot of money. I have arrangements with the best walk-in tub manufacturer in the world –The Boca Tub — completely made in the USA. Our imported line comes from the top two manufacturers in China. Our research has allowed us to offer the best quality tubs at a price well below anyone else.
  • We don’t need to come to your house to discuss price.  There is  reason why the highly publicized companies will not give you a price over the phone. If they did, and you heard the price, you would not let them come out for a visit.
  • Being an American and a veteran, I get great satisfaction knowing I have helped someone stay in their home longer because a walk-in tub solved an issue.